Commercial News


04 February 2019

Today we had the opportunity to see some of the main objectives of the founding declaration of the Tourism Commercial and industrial society of Famagusta to be implemented. The new buildings of the Famagusta Police Department as well as the district offices of the Departments of urban planning and housing and lands and surveying of Famagusta were inaugurated. The foundation stone for the new Famagusta District Court was also tabled.

We thank the Government and especially the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades for their contribution, with the implementation of these projects, in the district of Famagusta. Projects which together with the local authorities of the province we have claimed and succeeded together to bring to an end for the benefit of the entire province.

The aim of all of us, as stated in our founding declaration, soon to be the liberation of our metropolis of Famagusta and of the whole of Cyprus, and the buildings that were inaugurated today are simply branches of the central provincial Offices that will operate in the city of Famagusta.

We also welcome the statement by the President of the Republic, who has reformulated his will to resolve the issue that concerns the TEVENA and its members who are no other than the appropriate representation of the province’s businessmen.