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Friday 7 June 2019

Important distinction for Xenion private school in Famagusta district

The Famagusta Tourist Commercial Industrial Association expresses its sincere congratulations to the Xenion private school in Paralimni for the significant award it received at the “Cyprus Education Leaders Awards” which organized on Thursday evening in Nicosia Publishing house DIAS and Boussias Communications.

The school was awarded an award in the category “Bond with society” for the planning and implementation of actions in collaboration with society bodies in projects of public interest.

It is a great honour for the Famagusta District to be awarded an educational institution that offers uninterrupted from the day of its foundation both in education and in the cultural and social events of the Famagusta District.

It is a prize which is the culmination of the efforts of the school to offer to the social and cultural events of the Famagusta District.

Also, during the ceremony, the Executive board member of FTCIA and assistant director of Xenion, Giorgos Fylaktou, as vice-President of the Cyprus Private Schools Association, awarded awards in the category Cultivation of environmental awareness.

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The tourist commercial and industrial company of Famagusta would like to express its warmest congratulations to the board member Dr. Antonis Zorbas Antonis Zorpas for the honorary distinction received from the President of the Republic for his timeless support to the work of the Office of the Environment Commissioner.

It is a great honour for the Famagusta District to be awarded a scientist who has selflessly offers a lot at both the provincial and Pancyprian levels.

The award was made as part of the international Environment Day at a ceremony at the presidential palace.

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Odika Erga

01 February 2019

The tourist, commercial and industrial company of Famagusta supports the request of the
Communities of the Famagusta District for financial support from the Government in
Repairing the road network in the province.

We fully understand the importance of the construction of the sewerage system
But the implementation of the project left behind damage to the roads, which in
With recent intense weather phenomena have created serious

We also think that repairing the road network will contribute to better, more
Safer and faster service for businesses active in the
Province, as of course the thousands of inhabitants of the province using the
Road network Daily.

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F.T.C.I.A. announcement for golf course in KaVo Gkreko


As regards yesterday’s reports stating that the due diligence report
Protected areas of the Natura 2000 network, place of community
(SCI) and special Protection Zone (SPAS) National Forest Park (SAR) Kavos
Greco, for the creation of a golf course in Famagusta District is a negative
We call on all stakeholders to find ways and solutions so that the
Project to proceed.

We call on the competent environmental authority as it proposes appropriate measures
So as to find the way to advance such an important project for our province and
Also protect the environment.

As a F.T.C.I.A, we consider such projects to be a factor of significant
Socio-economic as well as cultural upgrade to the product of the region, something
Which is found in the Environmental impact assessment study, such as the
This has been deposited with the Environment Department in April 2018.
We therefore consider that the implementation of such projects of crucial importance for the province
Of Famagusta, which will open hundreds of new jobs and will
Contribute to the economic product, they must undoubtedly be encouraged. In
The case, in fact, of detecting negative effects on the environment, then the competent
Environmental authority, must proceed towards finding alternative solutions,
In order to protect the protected environment of the area, and
On the other hand, sustainable development projects are being created.

Moreover, on 15 January 2019, during the presentation of the project of the marina
Paralimni, the President of the Republic himself, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades, stressed, between
Other, the importance of the work of creating a golf course in Cape Greco, saying
Word that “for the golf course under consideration – we are striving to
See how to overcome some problems arising from the area declared as forest land, but with a redesign I hope it will
Overcome problems. ”

F.T.C.I.A. calls on the government to find alternative ways to promote implementation
of the project and not to remain on paper yet a project that would offer significant
Rejuvenation in Imikatechomeni Famagusta District.

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Presentation of the project of the preparation of the local plan of Paralimni, Agia Napa and Deryneia


The development guidelines defined were based on in:
• Highlighting the role of the region of the local project at regional/national level and operation of the three settlements as a single system.
• Protection, projection, promotion and management of the natural environment.
• Ensure and strengthen agriculture and manufacturing activity, in accordance with the National Strategic Plan for rural development.
• Promotion and enhancement of the role of the region as a tourist and holiday destination both in relation to the Famagusta District and in relation to the Pancyprian space grid in the context of polycentricity (services, Commerce, tourism, sports/ and simultaneous development, enrichment and specialization of the tourist product.
• Promotion/implementation of priority projects including improvement of infrastructure.
The topics for study of the local Plan Paralimni, Ayia Napa, Deryneia are the following:
• Road network-traffic
• Residential development and services
• Tourism development
• Processing – Laboratories – warehouses
• Agriculture – livestock
• Education
• Public uses, health and social welfare infrastructures
• Architectural heritage, ancient monuments and culture
• Naturalism, recreation/recreation and Sports
Finally, it is important to note that the draft of the local plan states that, following a decision of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Interior was authorised to endeavour to set the two municipalities of Paralimni and Ayia Napa as Urban Centers. Recognising the fact that they are very important tourist development centres and should be given due importance and help with development and other projects.