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Blindman Tebea

In the Pancyprian course “I walk-claim with the blind” attended on Sunday the director of the tourist, commercial and industrial society of Famagusta, Panagiotis Skttou.

FTCIA supports and congratulates the Pancyprian organization of the blind, as well as all other bodies of the blind who participate in the organization of this symbolic course.

Together we are in the difficult struggle they are conducting to set aside barriers that constitute a barrier to their full and effective participation in society on an equal footing with others, as well as to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment and Social recognition.

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A workshop on innovation and investment programs was organized by TEVENA.

With great success was completed the workshop organized by the tourist, commercial and industrial company of Famagusta on Innovation and research and titled “What Is Innovation?”

The workshop took place on the afternoon of Thursday 4 April 2019 at Sotira Municipal Theatre and speakers was the chairman of the Association of Enterprises, Research and innovation and owner of the company CyRIC, Panagiotis Filimis, the head of the branch Financing of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, industry and Tourism, Christos Fotiadis and Xenia Chrysostomou from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

During the workshop, the benefits of introducing innovations, and funding opportunities for national or European subsidised and subsidized programmes were presented to the entrepreneurs and members of the TEVENA.

In a greeting from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEVENA Petros Petrou, he stressed the role of the tourist, commercial and industrial society of Famagusta in the role of support and promotion of companies and businesses of Famagusta District, while it was mentioned The importance of applying innovations to businesses.

The Board of Directors of TEVENA, on the occasion of the event, expresses its special thanks to its members for the mass presence, in CityChannel for the live coverage of the event, to the rapporteurs for their presence as well as the municipality of Sotira for the Hosting.

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02 April 2019

The tourist, commercial and industrial company of Famagusta organizes on Thursday 4 April at 18:30 at the Municipal Theatre Sotira a workshop of innovation and research titled “What Is Innovation?”

Speakers the President of the Association of Enterprises, Research and innovation and owner of the company CyRIC Panagiotis Filimis, the head of the finance industry of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry Christos Fotiadis and Xenia Chrysostomou Of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

During the workshop will be presented the benefits to a company from introduction of innovations, funding opportunities as well as national and European entrepreneurship programs.

A discussion will follow.

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19 February 2019

After the struggle that was given by the tourist commercial and industrial company of Famagusta in collaboration with the local authorities of the district of Famagusta on 4 February 2019, the new offices of the Department of Urban Planning and housing and the Famagusta Department of Lands and Surveying in Paralimni.

Clearly, the transfer of parts to the Famagusta District is a development which we welcome, but the state must support these departments so that they can serve the needs of the province.

At the meeting that had a delegation from TEVENA with the two departments, it was found that there was a serious problem understaffing the divisions. Staff shortages are too many and in various specialties. Indicatively There is no bailiff in the Department of Urban Planning and there is a substaffing in the archive and the technical service. The substaffing of the divisions resulted from the non-filling of vacancies due to the absence of service, as well as the general freezing of recruitment in the public sector. The wider recovery of the economy and especially in the real estate sector known by the Famagusta District and Cyprus in general, has created the need for further recruitment in the departments.

In the building there is no canteen to serve the employees as well as the citizens who visit the departments. It should also be noted that the reception – waiting area is too small to serve the needs arising from the daily service of the public.

During the meeting also discussed proposals – suggestions that can help the departments cope with their heavy workload, in addition to their further staffing such as the use of the online system “Ariadne” by more Citizens. Through the “Ariadne” system, individuals and banks are given the opportunity to request the issuance of certificates and generally to submit various applications that will help reduce the workload of the departments. A better and more targeted public information campaign should be made about the capabilities of the system, as well as training for those citizens wishing to be informed about the system.

The departments provide the opportunity for young graduates to acquire the one-year work experience required to obtain the permission to practice their profession through HRDA’s programmes. This possibility should be promoted both through the universities for better information of the graduates of engineers and the ETEC.

Finally, TEVENA will continue to support all governmental services of the Famagusta District through its actions and will continue the effort started in 2012 along with the local authorities to resolve the problems of our province.

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February 13th

A briefing on the Cyprus investment Programme was held yesterday by the tourist, commercial and industrial company of Famagusta. The workshop was intended to inform the interested parties about the current programme and the possible changes to it following external and internal reactions.

During the event, the attendees were given the opportunity to be informed by members of the Famagusta district about the debate on the matter in the House and the relevant proposal for a law tabled and passed a few days ago for the Theme.

The attendees were also given the opportunity to get to know and understand better the concepts of innovation and Startup business through speech K. Panagiotis Filimi, chairman of the Association of Research and Innovation enterprises.

Following discussion and submission of proposals were formed the following suggestions for the Cyprus Investment Program:

  • Simplification of procedures by the Central bank for the inflow of capital in Cyprus

The current situation, with the controls required by the central bank, is terribly time-consuming, with the result that the investor is discouraged and that unnecessary bureaucracy is created. That is, there should be proper control in a short time.

  • Stability and consistency in the programme criteria

The frequent change in the criteria and conditions of the program affects its prestige and credibility. We think we should find the way any changes are made now because of the external and internal reactions to take effect for a long time.

  • Targeted investment in other sectors of the economy

The general investment framework that exists today is suitable for attracting investments and in specific sectors of the economy such as tourism, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, etc. by granting additional incentives in these areas.

Finally, everyone emphasised the need to maintain the programme which contributed greatly to the saving of the Cypriot economy by providing liquidity during the economic crisis and continues to offer directly or indirectly to many sectors of the Cyprus Economy.

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04 February 2019

Today we had the opportunity to see some of the main objectives of the founding declaration of the Tourism Commercial and industrial society of Famagusta to be implemented. The new buildings of the Famagusta Police Department as well as the district offices of the Departments of urban planning and housing and lands and surveying of Famagusta were inaugurated. The foundation stone for the new Famagusta District Court was also tabled.

We thank the Government and especially the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades for their contribution, with the implementation of these projects, in the district of Famagusta. Projects which together with the local authorities of the province we have claimed and succeeded together to bring to an end for the benefit of the entire province.

The aim of all of us, as stated in our founding declaration, soon to be the liberation of our metropolis of Famagusta and of the whole of Cyprus, and the buildings that were inaugurated today are simply branches of the central provincial Offices that will operate in the city of Famagusta.

We also welcome the statement by the President of the Republic, who has reformulated his will to resolve the issue that concerns the TEVENA and its members who are no other than the appropriate representation of the province’s businessmen.

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They reaffirmed their request for the recognition of the TEVENA, the mayors and the communions of the Famagusta district.


Friday, January 11, 2019

Their joint request for recognition of the tourist, commercial and industrial society of Famagusta as a regional chamber reaffirmed the local rulers and businessmen of the free district of Famagusta.

In a joint session held on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at the offices of Paralimni municipality with the board of the TEVENA, reaffirmed the timeless support to the efforts of the tourist, commercial and industrial company Famagusta for the promotion of development in the Famagusta District and the joint effort for the official recognition of TEVENA by the State in accordance with the joint declaration signed by all mayors and community leaders in December 2012.

During the session the Pagios and the temporal objective of TEVENA was reformulated for the joint promotion of the demands of the residents of Famagusta district and it was emphasized by the delegates that they will proceed united in claiming the demands and implementation of the public Vision for the entire province.

After the end of the session was the established cut of the Vasilopitas with Lucky Mayor Sotira, George Takka.

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