The Famagusta Tourist Commercial Industrial Association was founded on the December 18th 2012 at a district-wide gathering in the presence of more than 400 business people. The association was established with the agreement and practical support of the Local Authorities of the District of Famagusta who had a strong presence at the inaugural gathering. Moreover, there had been several meetings prior to the inaugural gathering, which were attended by representatives of the local authorities, all of the professional bodies and organizations of the District of Famagusta, and distinguished business people. The need to establish a legal entity to represent the District of Famagusta in decision-making centers was the key subject at the preceding meetings, and the final decision to establish the Famagusta Tourist Commercial Industrial Association (FTCIA) was unanimous.

The FTCIA had 4 primary objectives that were set on the day it was created:

  1. Contribute to the liberation of the city and District of Famagusta and the whole of occupied Cyprus that is illegally held by Turkish military forces since 1974.
  2. The transfer of all government services centers that serve the district of Famagusta to the area until the liberation of the city of Famagusta, in order to provide better and direct services to citizens and entrepreneurs. 
  3. Contribute to the growth planning of the District and to claim government and European funding for development projects.
  4. Promote every business activity in the District of Famagusta and improve the living standards of all citizens.

Unfortunately, the only objective that has not yet fulfilled is the liberation of the city and district of Famagusta and the whole of occupied Cyprus but the FTCIA will continue to work hard to fulfil this objective.


The FTCIA today has more than 400 companies registered as members of the association. Also, a lot of professional associations such as the Famagusta Hotel Association, The Restaurant Owners Association, the Famagusta Marine Engineers Association are members of the FTCIA. Our members cover all the sectors of the Cypriot Economy and most of them are amongst the leading companies of the country in their business sector.

The main sectors that our members specialize in are: 

  • Tourism
  • Real Estate, Financial and Legal Services
  • Industry
  • Commerce
  • Agriculture

The Famagusta District is mostly known for its tourism industry. Ayia Napa and Protaras are the islands most popular tourist destination and amongst the top in Europe and globally, sharing between them 22 blue flag beaches and some of the best tourism service providers in Europe. The district will soon have 2 brand new marinas which will enhance the services provided to tourists and visitors.

Besides the touristic industry our District is home to some of the country’s top service providers which includes Real Estate, Financial and Law services. In the Famagusta District you will find some of the most exciting projects in the Cypriot real estate market that include holiday homes, residential homes and apartments and also buildings for commercial use. The financial and law service providers in our District are well known for their professionalism. 

The manufacturing sector is growing in our District and we have seen in the last years a great deal of investments by the companies themselves. Manufacturers in the food industry that are situated in the Famagusta District are amongst the leading companies in the island’s food industry. In our District you can find 1 industrial zone and 3 industrial areas that consists, besides the food industry, of manufacturers of building materials, furniture, cleaning chemicals, plastics, prefabricated buildings and much more.

Agriculture is also a sector that thrives in the Famagusta District and it is also ripe for investments. Our District is famous for its fertile soil making it the most suitable area of non-occupied Cyprus for many farming products.