Visit Pancyprian Synomospondias Federations of public and communal kindergartens in schools Rizokkarpatsou-Chronografima

Tziov. _kozaliis

Mr. Jovanni Kouali
A trek that begins with a promise, a vow for a pious pilgrimage to Rizokkarpaso, as the least that we parents in the parents ‘ associations have an obligation to do. We started our trip from Achnas Forest at 7:30 p. M. where they loaded the puppet theatre, the Amolito, the aquifer (donated to the nursery by our Pancyprian Confederation) and the sandwiches – sweets and drinks (offer of the national Achna). We passed the barricade around 08:00.
From there we headed to Varusi and travelled alongside the walls of Famagusta. To the east. We passed by the archaeological site of Salamis and travelling through the villages of Trikomo, Bogazi, Ayios Theodoros, Tavros, coma of Gialos, Leonarissos, Agios Andronikos, Gialousa, Agia Triada we arrived at Rizokarpaso. It’s a rough ride. Where are we going, huh? Who are we going to see? What are we going to find? Finally, however, the return was more difficult… Because on the back of the POND. You’re sorry, not for what you did…. but for the trip you didn’t do earlier. The erinies will annoy me until I achieve something better. For I am a descendant of Evagoras too, I am a keryniotis/varotsiotis, I am karpasitis.
On our route to Rizokarpaso or to the many “Karpasi” we had a discussion about our occupied areas. We were all watching through the windows of the bus – Buffans and with misty eyes – the uninhabited houses and the dilapidated homes of our compatriots. Painful to see our ruined and neglected churches. A spectacle unprecedented for us, churches without crosses and the mosques that grew skillfully next to each church, try to impose on our thoughts that this place does not belong to us, but without any result… “You have mistaken the minds of your trade”…
Visit to the nursery and primary School of Rizokarpaso
The director and the teachers of Rizokarpaso schools, having welcomed us warmly, together with our Turkish Cypriot escorts who must confess were very friendly and considerate with us. The teachers and the Director have guided us to the school site. We spoke with the teachers and with the children who eagerly awaited us and we have given them various gifts and fairytales (all donated by ordinary citizens and friends with sensitivity and whom we will thank each one personally at the end). Then we chatted and discussed with director K. Stelios Christodoulos, regarding the problems, difficulties and adversity under which teachers offer education to the young and old students of Rizokarpaso.
He briefed us on what exactly they need and what school lacks in terms of ancillary materials necessary for the smooth running of the school. We’ve prepared a list of the essentials. And you know what? We’re not going to ask the ministry or the school Tax Office. The world embraced our visit with love. The simple world that put his hand in his pocket to support these children. Because some people should do it indifferent.
What alienated us was the absence of the school tax. How could we possibly have to go to get a puppet show and a sandtrap? How is it possible in all of Cyprus to have everything and here our ministry and our school tax office to make DISCOUNTS. You are wondering… Who’s the Conqueror? Who our people are. Where are our deputies? (E…. and you… This time without elections… Where is he? In their duties!) When will they be next to us? When will they be close to the people who need us? In this theatre of the absurd I call on the world to support our effort to Manning and improve our school, because those who have responsibility are not here.
Finally, the children of Rizokarpaso replied the letter of Thalia (our pupil in the elementary school of Kathari in Larnaca – with Origin from the occupied) and which we share in your letter. Thalia will answer! I know that. But will our ministry answer, will our society respond?
Visit to Rizokarpaso High School
The same cordial reception we had from director K. Fanny Sergiou and the professors of Rizokarpaso High School, who also guided us to the school area. Because the school is small and the halls are scarce, the lessons are shared by groups for each room. Our teachers talked about how they pass in our occupied areas. To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Sergios is making superhuman efforts to help these children, who, together with his team, have informed us as well as in kindergarten and elementary school about what equipment they need.
Our high school succeeded in taking part in the Erasmus Plus – Comenius training program.
Our promise to make this visit an institution. To manage not to be a ceremonial visit but a visit of love and support. Our schools, our students, need our love. They need our support. Don’t fit discounts dear makers. And if you can not respond, do not worry, it has people with love… He’s got people in the mood to help.
Return trip
Life in Rizokcarpaso is clearly quite different from ours. They lack too much as schools and as families and generally in their daily lives. Things that for us are self explanatory and data, for them they are unfortunately a luxury. Example that in their letter they ask for gifts that are animals and not anything else. That says a lot about their own sensitivities and needs. The work our teachers are doing there is amazing. They deserve a thousand thanks.
On our return to the free areas, we visited a few churches. We went on a pilgrimage to Agios Synsio in Rizokkarpaso and then to Agios Therissos of Gialousa, which is a deserted chapel without even pictures. Under this chapel, there is a source where every visitor can get holy water.
Entering the village of Agia Triada, we faced on our right the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, which is of unique interest, because of its mosaic in which it has been attributed enormous historical importance. Such mosaics exist only two in the whole world and one is located in the Holy Trinity. The basilica is also characterized by rare architecture.
Later we passed by the Church of Agia Triada and after we found that it was closed, then we visited the House of Mr. Savvas and Mrs. Maroulas Liasi. A couple of older people trapped holding the keys to our church. Their house very close to our church preserved full of love and Greek pride. These two people experienced and experienced too many years under the Turkish regime.
They shared with us their daily activities and guided us to their old mansion. They talked to us about their missing son, whose bones were found this summer in a group tomb in Kyrenia. They shared with us the events of August 1974, when they they faced for their deprived son, in their hesitation separation for the war against the Turkish yoke and foreign forces. They described to us how much they waited for his return, which took place after 40 years of occupation and instead of their only son received a coffin of bones, a youth that fell fighting for the fatherland. Quiet. After 40 years of suffering came the rest – for their lad and for them!
The power of the soul and the heart. Both were smiling. They teased each other by joking and always laughing and happy. In their 90 years you see that love was and is the maximum of 70 years of marriage. “Here you will hear only joys…”. Mr. Sava’s talk. Wanting to emphasize that despite their own personal and national pikses, there is no room for bad… Except the positives. (Ancient spirit Immortal) just before Mr. Savvas told us “come to see us because you give us great joy, because we need it”. That phrase stabbed us in the heart. That’s where you’re wondering, why didn’t I go earlier? Because I’m just thinking about my ego and saying, “I’m not going to show my passport to go home,” one of them too! Bold statement, Mighty or very imposing… But without knowing the details of what would happen to me today, before I worshipped in our desolate and humble churches, before I kissed Mr. Savvas and Mrs. Maroullas, before… Find out today that I went, what I saw…. Before I could reveal to myself my current footsteps. Today, however, the friendly stab of Mr. Savva bores me every minute…. Why don’t I go earlier? Why would I deprive our own people of a little time of joy? Why does selfishness eat us? Why Why One because it gives us more willingness to return there soon. Where a pilgrimage is not in a Byzantine church. Where pilgrimage is a national, moral and Christian obligation with a color karpass.
On our way to the free areas we passed again from Varosi making a stop at the monastery of Apostle Barnabas which has been transformed into a museum, hosting in ancient relics of Cyprus from the Bronze Age up to Byzantine. The Church of Apostle Barnabas has also become a museum of icons. Perhaps our brothers of Turkish Cypriots may once again be able to erect their heads and ask the conquerors to respect our own churches as we respect their own mosques.
At the end of the day the Turks and Mr. Ertogan will be blessed to understand that God is one (regardless of the name given to him by every religion) and that every temple is a house of God. We need to get this to him. Perhaps one day the most high will give him the intellect to behave religiously in our own churches, as a religious must do.
Finally, we worshipped the tomb of Apostle Barnabas where the 2000 years of history beat Mr Ertogan as a catapult. The mentality of a culture of 5000 years and of another much more recent is really different. The return to the free areas had already begun. The question is one. Are we ever going to get there?
We would like to thank the people who accompanied us to this pious visit.
• Kyriakoula Plyis,
• Kika p. Vavila,
• Elisavet Vavila,
• Yiasvasilis,
• Antonis Georgiou
• Christos Thefilou
We also thank all of you who, in your own way, supported and helped fulfill our promise. Thank you for having generously supported our visit. All sponsors will be posted on the website of the Pancyprian Confederation of pre-primary, but we will thank you in writing.
At the same time please note that we accept contributions for the construction of Polypaignidioy, but warehouse in our kindergarten in Rizokkarpaso. For more information, contact our offices in Limassol or at the offices of T. Kouali in Paralimni at 23811788]]>